New video on Youtube Channel

mercoledì, 06 febbraio 2013 by

New video Big seabass with Mommotti 180 SF

New Website

mercoledì, 06 febbraio 2013 by

We are very proud to present ukash voucher refund our new and fully operational website (how to withdraw from paysafecard). We hope that it will provide visitors with the necessary information and be attractive to our clients and other visitors.

Efttex 2013 in Vienna

mercoledì, 06 febbraio 2013 by

Two weeks away from the event, it is the time to sum ​​up, calculatingly, on the participation of Seaspin at the Efttex held in Vienna in 2013. Needless to ignore the fact that for us it was a great success. We had in fact great acclaim not only for the lures already in the catalog,


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