How many times have we heard call our island HOLY LAND … how many times have we smug smile at the name aware of some nice catches … but how many times have we cursed his marine sterility … Often the holy land has asked “our blood”, night sleep of a few hours, cold water,

Seaspin official dealer of Rosso Racing

venerdì, 16 ottobre 2015 by

ROSSO Racing is a young brand which represents decades of experience in the Motor sport communication, where noise and problems are taken to the extreme. Innovative choices with advanced technologies have enabled us to achieve effective and flexible solutions to the point of being able to adapt our products to different fields where the noise

“SeaBass + Surprise!” by Stefano Pisu

domenica, 19 luglio 2015 by

December 8, Sunday evening. High pressure and quiet continue to reign in the south of Sardinia and I am looking for new hot spots for soft baits. Once I got in the car, a divine illumination comes, almost an annunciation: “Shit, how come didn’t I think of that before ???” It is a perfect place

December 6th, for quite a while, I was waiting for this moment. Many empty going outs , so much lost sleep to study tides, conditions and hot spots and so cold to have to wear many layers, but even so a lot of “training” to be ready at the right time. I Lately, after the

Friday afternoon, during a long and hard day at work, I get a call from Emanuele, a dear friend, who tries in every way to convince me to go out at night. A little desire to get away from work and a little lack of fish caught in recent periods convince me to go out,

Cliffs have always been in my skin, and always will remain, but this winter, because of my job and other commitments, or perhaps the desires to dedicate myself more and more to the pleasure of catching some Queens “seabass” with soft baits, I found myself spending nights following moon and tides times, and after two

Seaspin US

martedì, 26 maggio 2015 by

Press Release May 15, 2015 For Immediate Release Seaspin Opens US Distribution Network Italian Company Utopia Tackle enters U.S. market Portland, OR. Italian company Utopia Tackle has released the Seaspin brand into the US freshwater and inshore market. Seaspin will contain a range of soft and hard baits that have proven to be effective on

Simone Bruccoleri part of Italian Team…

venerdì, 07 novembre 2014 by

All joined to cheer on  the Italian  Bassfishing team competing right now for the World Cup in Mexico. Our Simone Bruccoleri is part for the Italian team, for him a great season, second classified in the Italian championship,is now committed to defending the Italian colors, bringing with him part of Seaspin … Go Simone Go

Seaspin at Sea Bass Master Marine 2014

venerdì, 07 novembre 2014 by

Great success for the challenge of Italy’s most famous bass fishing, now in its 8th edition. Sea  Bass Master Marine has become a real cult for fans of the field  where the feeling of sharing and the pleasure to fish all together counts much more then the players. The theater of the event has always

  But back to the painful part … “the Brazilian”. Now desperate and unhopeful, I thought that this was going to be the first year since I’ve been  fishing, that I would not have caught a dolphin fish… What a bad luck…, just when your look for them insistently they seem to get away at


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