Spinning at sea in Italy began having a strong development in the early years of the new millennium. The simultaneous extension in Mediterranean Sea of some species such as barracuda, bluefish, dorado and the
development of computer network, with the creation of forums and blogs later, triggered a great shared experience of fishing that in a very short time brought a strong market development in sea spinning.
With no doubt, we can put our passion for fishing with a group of friends, collaborators and the entire community of the most important Italian Sea Spinning forum, at the heart of this phenomenon: Seaspin.
From this in 2010 the brand Seaspin was created and in no time became a huge success because its products represents the shared solution of expert fishermen to all real problems in the field.

Seaspin Brand Concept

Our product inventions come from the fisherman’s necessity to have the right equipment for each individual environment and fishing conditions. Hence the creation of specialized products designed to give concrete answers to the questions and needs of spinning fans fishermen around the world who dream of a better quality in their fishing experiences. This is the key to the great success that the brand has achieved in no time thanks to the quality and quantity of catches that are giving fishermen from all latitudes.

Seaspin products, always propose something new and innovative, as they have been designed in Italy thanks to the experience and competence of our engineers that work closely to specific tests to optimize each model. From the initial idea, from the first sketches, to CAD drawings, to the first prototypes, molds to the achievement with numerical control machines with the latest technology and high precision during manual steps of painting, assembling and controlling in many tests, changes and optimizations. All this is accomplished in about a year and a half of work for each model.
A period this of exaltation, of improvement, continuous quality checks and catches to give a product of great value in the name of Italian creativity, design and talent. Seaspin collection is constantly expanding and boasts of collaborations with major international figures who share our same vision of fishery. Among these we point out, in the field of spinning rods, North Fork Composites of Gary Loomis.
Seaspin means experience, professionalism, quality, innovation, talent; in one word, Passion.


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