“Dorados of Lanzarote” by Femès Elvira

by / giovedì, 16 ottobre 2014 / Published in Report

As many know, Dorado is a pelagic fish that in some periods approaches the Canary Islands coasts for breeding. Powerful, fast, beautiful, spectacular acrobats during fight … these are just some of the adjectives that make it by far the best opponent with which an angler can measured himself in the Canaries.
Powerful equipment and the best lures are essential to find and capture a XL dorado.
Below is a concentrate of our experiences in Lanzarote with these beautiful animals and Seaspin lures..


It is been  several years since we have observed that there are some areas of the Canary Islands where these fish come close to the ground, enough to be undermined with a lures. Since then, several specimens up to 15 kg, were pulled from the waves and Seaspin lures (especially Buginu 140, Pro-145 and Q.120 Leppa 44) were the most effective, with Leppa resulting the most versatile.


Our little jig can be you thrown away without much effort, where it attracts dorados that pass distant and who do not hesitate to chase and attack. This is good for those who know the difficult conditions of Lanzarote: strong winds, large waves tough spots etc. Its movements during linear recoveries makes it irresistible and despite the single hook the strike is always perfect, and often dorado not hesitate to swallow it all. Probably no bait is simple and effective as the Leppa for dorado XL


When the wind condition, waves and current are mostly too extreme a perfect, lure is Buginu 140: despite the wind you can throw it away and in the water keeps its movement (wobbling & rolling) even at high speed (remember that dorado often tends to chase before attacking) and keeps it until the end of recovery


When fishing conditions are good, with little wind a lure that becomes essential (and fun) for these predators is the Seaspin stick bait  Pro-Q. Both the model 120 that the 145 are very effective with the dorado, which are very attracted by their movement in a zig zag and noise on the surface. The structure makes it the one who jumps farther, perfect for attracting these pelagic. The choice of the model depends on the conditions of wind and sea from the power of the equipment we have.

The Pro-Q is the the lure that gave us more catches and then our favorite when we can work on the surface, without forgetting Ketc and Miniketc. We cannot forget lures such as Mommotti 190/180 and Coixedda, all great catchers that require more specific fishing condition..

In short, after many years and so many emotions, we can say and ensure that one of the best options for these large pelagic fish in the Canaries are the lures described above, and thanks to their functionality in fishing they  should be essential “weapons” in the box of every angler. Dorado are exceptional fighters, beautiful and demand the best for a successful catch. Seaspin puts us in the position to do so in all conditions.

Passion is life ..


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