“Emotions of August” by Antonio Crasà.

by / giovedì, 16 ottobre 2014 / Published in Report

Summer is over a few days, for many spinner was the off-season before sharpening the anchor in this “hot” autumn.
Actually if you would have wanted to make four launches, the alternative to chaos, warm and odd hours… good spots could have been found .. !!
I had the chance to do some fishing trips during this short summer in Calabria, compared to many parts of Italy, at least we had. The desire of a fish in top water is so great, as a nice walk on a beautiful wide beach all alone, looking for any fish with teeth …

Fate has it that after half an hour comes the first pursuit of a blue fish  with a Mommotti 180 GBA jerked energetically but I change immediately approach by mounting a Pro-Q 120 SAR . I launch and as soon as it gets halfway … fish hooked as I had hoped. …!

ea 01w

Amusing fish !!
the same story happens with the last color of the Pro Q or  NVO, baptized in Calabria “The
Eggplant” for a certain culinary preponderance of the vegetable in our cuisine!!

ea 03w

From the warm afternoon to a fresh Dawn …
“Fairy dawn ” you might say, and you have to believe in fairies!
When I see nothing on the surface, my fairy solves the problem thanks to its characteristic to sink slowly and explore different layers of water, with some little jerk to tease this fantastic fish which does not resist to attack my Janas 107 TRB:

ea 04w

ea 05w

And finally, to represent the summer peaches, we  could not miss an unrivaled summer night …:
To fish at night, my friend Francesco and I, chose a cliff that has always given us good emotions. Unfortunately we do not have time to do the blessed sunset because of my working hours but we  do not give up; it is always fun and it is nice to  spend some cool and relaxing hours by the sea. Cautiously we begin our descent being careful where to put our feet on the slippery stones.
I open the dancing with my “Mommotto” 140 ss MUL….. !!!
There is much side current and  its flurry has led feeding frenzies to the shore, and so, after the launch got under my feet …… Sbammm … fish hooked!
I do not give him a chance because of the very close attack and virtually I pull it out with one single move. With great pleasure, I see that it is a sea bass:

ea 06w

Small but always beautiful, photo and promptly release !!!
The evening looks good. Given the excessive side current, I mount the new Buginu 115D ACC which will allow me to remain in fishing in the best possible way due to its very marked lip !!

In the launch I get a considerable distance, and I begin a slow recovery . Suddenly the rod gets stuck but I lose it. In the next launch I manage to hook a medium-sized barracuda and I think that as a start is not bad. After all, the cliff is his ideal spot … !!






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