“First big one of the season” by Stefano Pisu

by / giovedì, 16 luglio 2015 / Published in Report

December 6th, for quite a while, I was waiting for this moment. Many empty going outs , so much lost sleep to study tides, conditions and hot spots and so cold to have to wear many layers, but even so a lot of “training” to be ready at the right time. I Lately, after the rains we had , have not seen anything else that tiny bass, about 250 to 450gr.Then came the high pressure and everything changed : the sea is missing 20-30 cm of water, as usually happens between January and March, and the best time for queens is approaching. In short, it is a particular time when all or nothing may happen. In these two months ( since I have become singles again and the good Paolo Germani explained to me the Pendolino technique) my arm is changed: as I mount the silicone bait it moves by itself with a kind of flicker that gives life to the lure. It ‘a game that I’m liking a lot: feel the bottom and I stay there as much as possible, making ta-ta-ta-ta with the tip of Labraxina and making love with stones. Stop when the obstacle is located, again with a little “jump” and so on. And so last night , while I was knocking on a stone that marked a hole, I heard a first touch on the usual Persuade . Not a strong one, but firm. I think it is the usual small bass and continue to explore. It is the culmination of tide and there is virtually no current . After the two launches I feel it again the same as before : I try to continue recovering , but I immediately realized that this time the fish has swallowed and comes toward me: here we go!


Once it is hooked, I realize that it is something more serious than the usual small bass. Makes two movements and gives up almost immediately; I expect a fish about two pounds. Instead, it reveals to be a beautiful beast, my heart beats faster and I recover it gently in the midst of emerged obstacles: I don’t have the glove but I can’t go wrong !! When it is out I can finally breathe a sigh of relief: here it is the bass that I have been chasing all this time!!

Although I was on my own, on my bearded face is printed a smile of happiness, almost a paralysis that accompanies me since then.


Photographed, unhooked, re-oxygenated, the queen can go back in the water! It is been now many years that I always release all the “moms” over 3 kg (and all those under 1kg), a kind of self-regulation that I has never bothered me ! Good luck love, do lots of sex and fill the sea of queens, we need it!



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