“In the rushes of Northern Sardinia” by Alessandro Puggioni

by / martedì, 30 giugno 2015 / Published in Report

Cliffs have always been in my skin, and always will remain, but this winter, because of my job

and other commitments, or perhaps the desires to dedicate myself more and more to the pleasure of catching some Queens “seabass” with soft baits, I found myself spending nights following moon and tides times, and after two months of searching, big sea bass come to fruition.


Everything is tight to that fine line caused by the influence of tides and moon, which usually determine the outcome of the fishing trip according to the chosen location. Sometimes I find myself having best results when the tide is at its top up to maximum of two hours, other times for one hour after till one hour before low tide. Faithful companion of my adventures are Labraxina and a hand full of soft baits, with different rigs and weights depending on the current and bottom, from the lightest for below water surface to the ones for the bottom as the Pendolino System.


In my last fishing trips, I have seen many sea bass: different number from night to night, but the size was not interesting, while as the season goes ahead, the most beautiful ones come out, from the point of view both of aesthetics and for size.

So many nights spent working the Labraxina tip those soft baits and always keep them in contact during every slow recovery, but always ready to hook. Often for a distraction, it happens to miss that unique catch of the evening, and return home with a thousand questions trying to figure out why it went wrong. Then there are the ones lost during fight after a bite almost slight.


Among the many sleepless nights spent in the cold, but with much satisfaction, I want to tell you the one I like the most perhaps because it was one of the most sweaty and greatest final fulfillment, and the first time with the Persuader.

It’s the beginning of the year, because of fishing at nights I find myself a little down physically, maybe because of the humidity taken the past few days, still a bit ”worn out” from the just pasted new year eve. However, ready a couple of hours before the tide peak, the moon is at its beginning stage of growth and looks like a curved strip in the black sky. The visibility is zero. Despite it, we try to perceive some response or noise in the water if sea bass are hunting somewhere. Unfortunately no response from them, I hear only a minimal little noise caused by wild boars on the other side of the shore, but even this doesn’t not last long!. We find ourselves more and more enveloped in total silence. the concentration is high, that often makes us forget everything that surrounds us apart ourselves and our bait, and often we imagine swimming as if was a small fish carried by the current .. Tide is starting to stop and we perceive the descent of the river. I am poking at and the tip of the rod and the Persuader when I hear a slight bite. I hook and it looks just beautiful, but with a head-butt it frees itself!! In my head I am looking for a reason why it happened; given the delicate bite, I should have waited a little bit longer! Meanwhile even Ale continues not to see anything. Nothing is heard in the silence, it seems a poor day where everything is still and I have missed my only catch!

Times goes by and we try here and there, both in half water and in contact with the bottom. By now the tide culmination has come and the water is starting slowly to flow again. We decide to cast again where I lost the fish before, but we don’t see or hear anything, apart from a couple of micro bites due to some small sea bass. I do the same with the Persuader and a nice firm bite comes. I hesitate for a second and I hook it!!

Now I have it and It looks just fine!! It tries to get behind some obstacle, but I pull it off fast enough. Ale is unable to give me a hand because without booths. But in the end I manage on my own.


It’s really nice, a healthy fish with a good livery, it gives me a lot of satisfaction in holding it after having searched a lot ; I wander if it is the same one that I missed before. I am really happy because, although we haven’t found much activity, it still has been a great time spent in company, so that to forget the humidity and cold we got during the night.



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