Efttex 2013 in Vienna

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Two weeks away from the event, it is the time to sum ​​up, calculatingly, on the participation of Seaspin at the Efttex held in Vienna in 2013.

ef stand 1

Needless to ignore the fact that for us it was a great success. We had in fact great acclaim not only for the lures already in the catalog, but also for the new models that will be released between the end of 2013 and 2014. On all regarding soft baits, the new series bass lures presented by Emanuele Turato, Freshwater project manager.

ef fw

and Pendolino Rig System designed by Paolo Germani: a real innovative technique that allows you to fully customize the soft bait to make it “more real than reality”. No coincidence that the image that will characterize Paolo’s project will focus directly on its total capacity of deception to the point that confuse even a kingfisher …

ef pendolino

ef germani

in the picture Paolo “feels” as the Persuader moves (the soft shad that characterizes the Pendolino) in the tank of the event.
I can not fail to emphasize our great pride in the partnership we have with the Edge Rods of Gary Loomis that has allowed us to develop and to present for the first time at the Efttex a first series of rods specifically designed for the Mediterranean market: Edge Med Seaspin Rods.

ef edge med line

The presence of Gary Loomis, the tribute that gave him many fans for what he has done in all these years and especially the great new consensus had not only by fans but also by very prestigious brands for the new innovative Edge Rods and blank NFC, worth as they say “the price of admission”.
Thanks again to Gary Loomis and Jon Bial for participating with us in the event, pictured with Francesco Paolini, Seaspin Rods Project manager.

ef pdv

ef gary art

Only a great man takes himself for a ride.


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