“Moments to Remember” by Francesco Paolini

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There are situations that, in different contexts, can be experienced differently. In a way it’s like the theory of relativity where everything changes when viewed from another perspective!
There are objective contexts but the interpretation given by each one of us can make them assume that thickness, that history, those feelings, making the experience unique and singular!
As the years pass, with the experience and maturity, I interpret fishing as an ideal condition where everything must go as I like, as I imagined, as I want to go …

It is not always easy to find that moment, the “perfect” moment, but the beauty is just that , turn an extremely practical action in a more “spiritual” dimension that makes us less hunters and more dream seekers !!
Our time is what you have, what we have thought every night before falling asleep, what we have searched for days and days : in the sun, in the early morning cold, the one for which we got up in the middle of the night to be at sea in the magical moment of sun rise !!

Our time is so beautiful that one often hopes that does not arrive or arrive as late as possible just to enjoy the full beauty of the waiting!
There are moments in the life of a man that seem to be written, roads already defined, particular moments that secure our experiences as restore points, and, looking back, we need them as a historical memory, as a point of reference from which to remember and rebuild everything else. … what we have left is to do our utmost in this research, only firmly believing in this project, we will be able to achieve the goals … our dreams !!

In my memory are already sculpted a bit of these points but not exclusively linked to significant prey but to important prey “shared” with people I love and with whom I shared joys, passions, but also the most difficult moments!

For several hours we are launching with no results in a beautiful sea, the weather is clear and warm but milder by a mistral breeze that, besides giving us refreshment, creates the perfect conditions for what we are looking for: “the Leer”.
it’s about a week that we are going around in circles but you know this is so …. you just need to believe it and do not give up and if you are lucky then maybe something arrives … even if it is more likely not happen! In reality we are not fishing at random but we follow the specific references Francesco has identified and understood by the many fishing trips in this spot. It’s around 6,00 pm when we start thinking about leaving since we are at sea from 2,00 pm … we are fishing “ by heart” pleasantly chatting of fishery and remembering all the good times we shared in the past. …

leccia 1

I look up and I see a dark shape behind the lure … the trail levels the ripples caused by the wind of the north / west ….France’ … Do I have it behind ??? Yes It is behind, it is behi.. .. no time to finish the sentence ….. and BOMMMMMMMMMMMM … a bomb explodes on the poor and defenseless Pro Q 120, about thirty, maybe forty feet away from us, then the beast turns on itself and shows us its half body before starting an indefinite power accompanied by the “symphony” of the legendary Stella FA  drag !!

Few seconds of panic; at the beginning I’m afraid of losing it, then I resume control and the fish is under the boat in a few minutes … it’s gorgeous, quicksilver, an animal strong and proud ! Francesco after a failed attempt is finally able to ” boga it “…. sigh of relief ..

..Now it is my boat, it is mine … in fact it is ours, is not huge but it is a great fish because it came at the perfect moment, the best moment. We just had to be there and fish !! We give each other a “five” with open hands and an energetic hug helps us to download all the accumulated excitement !! Immortalized with some “pictures “, soon after we realize that the fish has been seriously injured by a treble hook, bleeding profusely and in fact we are not be able to revive him … shame !!

leccia 2

It’s already been a few days, the phone rings … it’s my friend, ” Hello Checco, how are you? “. “Well thank you !! Have you been in that place again? “…No….France’, I had a lot to do lately and the bad sea didn’t help ….”Ah, ok, as soon as I can we go back together… mammamia, what a day it was…what about the pulling and the escape it did…


…same days have passed, just a few, but we’ve added and fixed another “moment ” in our memory …. during next fishing trip, we will talk about this one as well!

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