It is not just a worm…

Concept and Design

The stick bait par excellence, Bruko shows a bulge on the end to increase contrast movement during retrieval. Thanks to the fulcrum provided by the offset hook you can get movements extremely baiting for all possible situations. It has to be positioned in the narrow part where a small hole guides the insertion of the hook. The hole is located perfectly in the center so as to allow the right balance during the retrieval stages. The mixture has a texture selected in order to maintain the proper relation between softness and durability of the lure. Its baiting power is increased by the inner salt and shrimp scent that has proven the most effective among all the flavors in increasing the retention of the baits in the mouths of predators. Measure 4.5” is available in 13 different colors selected to successfully deal with all types of water, from lighter to darker. Developed by Emanuele Turato.


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Color Chart

Bruko is available in colors


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