jack jack-2
Jack are the new clips built for heavy use and not, with very high load capacity and minimum deformation under load. The main feature of this clip is to be the only one to have a “drop” shape with a single turn of wire in the lure ring. Designed in four different sizes: 6 lbs, ,10 lbs, 20 lbs, 35 lbs and 70 lbs. The clip is made of an alloy steel AISI 316-Ti (titanium), which guarantees the highest durability to external agents such as salt and rubbing against rocks and sand. Designer Marco Calloni.


Gamù Saltwater Hooks are suitable to be mounted on lures by virtue of the eyelet in line with the steam. This feature allows you to avoid double split ring and have the maximum sealing with minimal weight and bulk. Then wire end its robustness are designed to be more resistant than treble hooks equal weight: we have thus a safer alternative to the over-sized fish that could open the treble hooks. The curve of the hook is wide and deep to ensure a penetration that does not leave a chance to hooked fish. The tip is slightly indented and the eyelet is large enough to leave space for the split ring. Made of steel and coated a thin layer of an alloy of nickel and tin are sold together with the split ring, optimized in order to have the same tightness of the hook. Available in sizes # 1, # 1/0, # 2/0

Seaspin Saltwater Aluminum Fishing Pliers

pinze-1 pinze-2
New Seaspin pliers are manufactured in aluminum alloy of high quality. Corrosion resistant to saltiness thanks to their stainless steel jaws, particularly elongated, the new pliers permit a safer removal of hooks and treble hooks from the mouths of very aggressive fish. The particular shape of the handle and use the rubber grip ensures a great ease and safety of use especially when you have wet hands that tend to slip on normal satin aluminum pliers. They are also equipped with a tungsten cutter perfect for cutting braid, monofilament lines or wire lines. The package also includes a Cordura pouch to attach to your belt and a stretch cord nylon safety.

Seaspin Très T3X


Made with Japanese products, extremely sharp treble hooks, saltwater corrosion resistant. 3X and 4X resistance

Saltwater Offset hook

Japanese material offset hook with tin coating for saltwater fishing; super-sharp, corrosion resistant. The increased section of the wire and the absence of gap between tip and offset make them particularly indicated for withstanding the forces due when fighting saltwater fish of a certain size. Available in sizes # 3/0, # 4/0

Rod belt

Strip size 12”x2” in soft material, elastic and resistant which allows to gather more rods for easy transport and security. Useful also for storage at home. Multi-function with Velcro with buttonhole to eventually lock it on the ring of the rod.


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