Labrax 10th Anniversary

It’s been about ten years since the first, and now legendary Labrax came out: a rod designed and optimized to allow the Mediterranean marine angler to always feel comfortable and have the best feelings in the spinning. The success gained over the years and the constant requests of customers have convinced us to create a special model, the “Labrax 10th Anniversary” which summarizes and condenses all the experiences of the past series.
Following a precise path, made of real experience at sea, testing our equipment in the most difficult conditions, the team was able to create a high performance, light and reactive blank.
The fourth series of Labrax collects and improves all the features present in the previous three versions, offering the fisherman a truly unique experience. What is most surprising is the extreme versatility of this product that maintains, in all its applications, performances of very high levels.
The modern spinner, more and more “technical”, dynamic and prepared, asked us a special Labrax, a rod that is able to bring out the best bait perception and personalization of its movement.
From these needs the staff started to make some major upgrades over the previous model. The first, and perhaps the most important, was to redesign the taper of the blank. The new rod, in fact, has a slightly wider “butt” and a slimmer and sensitive “tip”: this makes the blank very perceptive to vibrations, precise when launching and conducting the bait.
The “Labrax 10th Anniversary” is assembled with high quality Fuji components and E.V.A. high density grip, and is offered in two versions:

  • The Titanium model with Fuji Titanium / Sic K series rings, with 7 + 1 scaling (starting from size 30 and closing with the 7), Fuji TVS-TS 17 plate painted dark gunsmoke with locknut for a firm grip on the reel foot and gunsmoke metal rings.
  • The Gun model with Fuji Gunsmoke / Sic K series rings, with 7 + 1 scaling (starting with the thirty size and closing with the 7), Fuji TVS-TS 17 graphite plate, unpainted with locknut for a firm grip on the reel foot rings with silver finish.

The new Fuji TVS plate, thanks to the two side openings, which expose the blank through a tube of finishing carbon (inner carbon), placed directly on the blank, has allowed us to maintain the concept inspired by the search for the maximum sensitivity adopted on the previous series. In practice, with this plaque, you have the palm directly in contact with the soul of the rod to convey all the sensations and to maximize the quality of our fishing trip.
The applications of this rod, thanks to the wide range of castability and manageable lures, are really many: from reef fishing to predators of the sub-coast, even in rough seas, to fishing from the boat in search of schooling fish such as bonito and dolphinfish.

Technical features:

Sections: One-piece
Length: 7 ‘(2.13 m)
Lure Weight: 1/4 – 1 1/4 oz.
Line: 10 – 20 lb.
Action: Fast


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