“Sardinia: Holy Land” by Massimiliano Pau

by / sabato, 28 novembre 2015 / Published in Report

How many times have we heard call our island HOLY LAND … how many times have we smug smile at the name aware of some nice catches … but how many times have we cursed his marine sterility … Often the holy land has asked “our blood”, night sleep of a few hours, cold water, burning sun, wind and launches with an average of missed catch really embarrassing. That’s why the holy land has defined as such, needs sacrifice …The days of easy catches are gone, indeed ever known. This report will be a tribute of images and colors to my land surrounded by some “fish” few words but many pictures. Unfortunately I go fishing only with my phone (in addition to rod and lures), otherwise the spectacle of nature, with a camera, would have come out in all its glory ..

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The beauty of sunrises and sunsets … that is the holy land!!!! Nature gives us details of which I didn’t even know the existence. Moving on cliffs or through vegetation often happens to come across creatures that seem to come from the Amazon rainforest.

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(lycosa tarantula in the pictures)

I was amazed by the size of this spider. Who makes sunsets on our shores, has seen their eyes light up under the beams of flashlights for sure , but I have never seen one so big before.

But let’s go to the point … fish??? Something moved. The ubiquitous barracuda, small medium and large, lately seemed wider than long. Just a shot as a souvenir of a barracuda hooked at noon, while for those at night, directly unhooked into the sea, there was no time for photos.


Let’s say that the variety of fish is not lacking ,from small amberjack to greenhouse, from sea bass to dorado, from bonitos to the barracudas …

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TS11+   TS12+

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We’re all set, we lack for nothing, even the king, the red snapper, came to taste my Leppa 55 but unfortunately I did not hooked it and have not managed to get this satisfaction yet,


There was forage and, it was a terrific season for garfish. It happened very often to see them fly chased by predators of all kinds, especially from those blue arrows that in these autumn months cheer the dawn: dolphinfish…

TS16+   TS17+

TS18+   TS19+

TS20+   TS21+


This year every corner of the coast for a few days was registered in green gold, even dolphinfish lost its charm for the ease with which you could catch it. Last year or two years ago however very few managed so…

I still remember well the bad feeling I had seeing them follow any kind of lure without attacking: I could have smashed the rod on the rocks. Then the choice of fishing with smaller baits sometimes saved me from a “washout”, making me go home with a pretty stupid smile on my face.

Fortunately for this “dorado season 2015” I had with me some prototypes to be tested as if they were new cartridges to shoot for my “gun”: Janas 70, Murigu 25, ProQ 65. I have nicknamed them “the three Little Pigs”.


(from top Janas 70, Murigu 25, Proq 65)

Labraxina and ultra thin braid to shoot them far away… full blast adrenaline on attacks

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