“Sardinia in autumn – Part 1” by Massimiliano Pau

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There is much to say about a land that strikes me for its landscape beauty at every sunrise and every sunset, often leaving me breathless with the amazing colors of the nature, but environment in my opinion and in the one of many others spinner, marine environment is always less beautiful and poorer of fish .. or at least it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to make catches worthy of note ….


Small amberjack with   leppa 44



Small grouper   caught by  Ale with  leppa 33




Often after many launches at the big blue, I sit and contemplate the sea and say to myself…. who cares !!!! A sunrise and a catch even if it is the usual barracuda or other small fish are priceless when all takes place on a beautiful island like Sardinia in late October … and if there are still 32°c and you can swim at the beach, then ….cheers to our land!! Little fish but,.. what a summer guys … from May through October in shorts and  t-shirt.
Autumn season if we can call it so, was supposed to be the crash test for my Labraxina.


The primary intention was to try it on dolphin fish. Sure enough I’ve been taken for a ride every time I met them. Fish often listless, rarely they followed the lures with frantic movements, and sometimes in the most beautiful moment, on the dispute of the bait by multiple copies, they went away without attacking, make me cursing fishing.The peculiarity of the season was not the lack of dorado’s activity, but probably the Blue fish and sea bass activities with completely flat sea.
At least for us southerners-Sardinian fish blue fish means waves and wind going down, throwing baits into the foam or between the currents of the sea canyons … or with ten knots of wind that make ears whistle. Catch these devils from cliffs with flat sea it was a pleasant surprise. We enjoyed it for quite a few days struggling to keep the secret from hordes of spinner patrolling the island’s cliffs. They ate strictly from the change of light to night and we fished with top water baits.
Feeling the explosions on proQ. and on the popper in the middle of the night gave us adrenaline rush enough to resurrected from the dead. The fish defended themselves with absurd jumps and often turned up in the air like small Tarpon seen in the video on internet.
Predatory activity increased with the strong winds from the earth which smoothed the sea but ruffled a little the surface.


Blue fish with  proQ. 120



Another peculiarity of the season were sea bass with flat sea ..


Small wtd and small poppers were essential. Labraxina , reel sixe  2500 with 10 lb braid.

One morning we had attacks from 7 am to 11 am
I don’ t know what happened to sea bass, but they seemed affected by a relentless hunger.  The strange thing is that the water was crystal clear; in theory they should not have been so much in activity. The attacks in top water with water so clear and calm are something indescribable.


Barracuda which in autumn were supposed to save us from “washouts” seemed extinct; I have heard the most varied theories about it ….A Spinners’ line of thought, the most extremist, said that tuna had eaten all them up, other that ships of Findus ( frozen food brand) transformed them into fish fingers .. but from mid-October onwards, the conspicuously absent returned more numerous than ever. Catches were uncountable. I have often avoided to make pictures, but I can say “bar” are among us again, hungry and nasty.



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