“Sardinia in autumn – Part 2” by Massimiliano Pau

by / mercoledì, 05 novembre 2014 / Published in Report


But back to the painful part … “the Brazilian”.
Now desperate and unhopeful, I thought that this was going to be the first year since I’ve been  fishing, that I would not have caught a dolphin fish… What a bad luck…, just when your look for them insistently they seem to get away at every fishing trip …Frequently absent, a few times present but distant and unapproachable… I spent hours and hours throwing my Ketc with the Labrax loaded to the maximum to obtain more distance in an attempt to draw their attention.. chowing up the miles in cliffs….   They seemed to elude me every time, but I knew they were there somewhere. As often happens, the joys come when you least expect it. At dawn my intention was to go fishing on my own quite far away  .. luckily at 5 in the morning I get a message from Luca inviting me to join him .. It doesn’t’ take long to convince me since the spot is close to where I live and I don’t have to walk much. My broken arm can breathe a sigh of relief. Just arrived, with great joy, we see several small feeding frenzies a few feet off the ground .. I could not believe it !!! Fortunately our lure boxes are full and vary from a few cm baits to large popper and 50g Ketch and beyond. Immediately we mount small jigs and the fun starts … felt like little trains immediately in the rod and the emotions begin .. The jig recovered saw tooth beneath the surface of water during the fall ends in the mouth of something that does not seem the usual little Bonito … .. pulls much, much more, and I think it’s a bonito a bit bigger than usual. With great amazement as soon as I bring it below, I see that it is a small Bluefin tuna. …What a power this marine blender has…, I hope to meet it when it will be a little older…


After about half an hour spent launching something bigger with the hope of avoiding small tunas (succeeded very well) the sea seems to calm down all of a sudden…. I think that all that previous frenzy might have attracted some much bigger Bluefin tuna and we are likely to be in dire straits for the rest of the fishing trip .. but luckily it will not be so .. In fact, as if by magic, behind the minnow Luca materializes the legendary “Brazilian” so desired .. it is of a beautiful color with vertical stripes a bit darker… Each year in Dorado schools there are always two or three “Brazilian” striated, I assume that is a way to blend a bit more than any other during the reconnaissance, since they are always the first to precede the group .. maybe I’m saying bullshit .. it’s only my personal opinion because the color change is not permanent but temporary … I’d like to hear your opinions on this point. At the sight of the blue shapes I mount a wtd and I start recovering; I have to take the first dolphin fish top water, there is no other bait to me: top water or nothing !!! The strike unfortunately does not arrive soon .. I have to stimulate them alternating fast and slow S .. then finally the rod bends and the drag starts to sing … what a show .. it jumps in and out of the water. Most probably after the tuna it is the most aggressive among the finny ones in proportion to its weight. I enjoyed it a lot and smiling, I thanked Luca for drifting me elsewhere.


I managed, clocked my “Dorado bedge” even in 2013 but the game Sardinia-Brazil,even though prediction were saying the opposite, it was not over .. there was overtime..

That morning started really bad .. as always after having consulted all possible weather forecast, the expectations were very few .. We knew we find the classic calm after the storm with murky water without foam; conditions not at the top but not bad. The main goal of the fishing trip was the leer. In November, often some specimens come across , but as far as to think to catch it, is entirely another matter. We try every year, but nothing changes. The spot chosen, now looks crowded, and strangely we do not even see forage fish in circulation since this period should be plenty ..With Alessandro we decide not waste too much time and after the change of light, without seeing a fin, we decide to move quickly by car taking a drastic decision. We return home near where the last time we caught the first dorado of the season. The first launches have now confirmed that the decision to move was the best thing you could do .. The blue arrows materialized almost immediately behind the Ketc making it blows up  in the air at every launch. Dorados visited us 5 times in 2 and a half hours of fishing; for each time at least two catches and various strike, constant attacks and jumps … I could not ask my sea for more .. I’m sure if we stayed until lunch time we would have caught the impossible, but we had already held 3 fish (badly damaged by treble hooks) and released 6-7. We decided to go away leaving these beautiful creatures in peace. We came back home and then went work with a stupid smile on your face all day.


Dolphin fish with ketc



Alessandro’s Dolphin fish with leppa 33



Dolphin fish with buginu 105 biu BRZ



Dolphin fish with proq 120


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