“SeaBass + Surprise!” by Stefano Pisu

by / domenica, 19 luglio 2015 / Published in Report

December 8, Sunday evening.

High pressure and quiet continue to reign in the south of Sardinia and I am looking for new hot spots for soft baits. Once I got in the car, a divine illumination comes, almost an annunciation: “Shit, how come didn’t I think of that before ???” It is a perfect place to fish with the Pendolino!!!

I run there, as I expected there is not a soul and I am already rubbing my hands ! A couple of casts to study the bottom and find the position and angle for the right launch . On the third one I feel stones, so I knock on with the Persuader practically still, and I’m thrilled, I’m sure to get it ! On the fourth launch I get a decisive bite, I hook and the battle begins ! These are incredible emotions that only fishing can give! The queen ( sea bass) has no way out and ends up early on the ground, despite a rather lively defense .


It does not have a scale out of place, it is the picture of health ! It is also lucky : I do not have a bag to put it inside so I release it, even though it would have been perfect for Christmas ! Soon as it touches water, parts as a rocket and does not even leave me time for one shot… this is all for the best!



I start fishing again, but I refrain a little: I have just begun, the place deserves a whole night, more than a few hours, I have already set my flag and I still want to look, walk, move. Go back in the car and change completely spot, this time bringing a bag with me , something that usually brings me bad luck. This time I chose deeper waters and resume confident the usual work . Knock knock, knock, one continues to knock. It is not cold and it breathes a calm almost hypnotic, I feel all in one with the cliff that hosts me and I’m thinking that a fish could spoil this magic … these are feelings that only fishing can give!

But after 10 minutes fish comes ….. first a touch, then the attack ! What a beautiful night this is ! It looks like a sea bass 1,5-2kg, just what I was looking for, but as it approaches I see something strange: first a mouth much smaller than I expected, then … these eyes bright scarlet they seem almost alien! Finally, these huge fins, almost like a freshwater fish: it is a brown meagre!!


Now that’s a surprise, I had never taken one and it is also a big one, I’m delighted. The fish is beautiful, pulls more than a bass of equal measure, and is also delicious: it will follow me home, so sea bass are safe ! Even here I don’t stay long, I decide to return home: the sea has already given me so much tonight, especially terms of emotions!


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