How many times have we heard call our island HOLY LAND … how many times have we smug smile at the name aware of some nice catches … but how many times have we cursed his marine sterility … Often the holy land has asked “our blood”, night sleep of a few hours, cold water,

Cliffs have always been in my skin, and always will remain, but this winter, because of my job and other commitments, or perhaps the desires to dedicate myself more and more to the pleasure of catching some Queens “seabass” with soft baits, I found myself spending nights following moon and tides times, and after two

  But back to the painful part … “the Brazilian”. Now desperate and unhopeful, I thought that this was going to be the first year since I’ve been  fishing, that I would not have caught a dolphin fish… What a bad luck…, just when your look for them insistently they seem to get away at

There is much to say about a land that strikes me for its landscape beauty at every sunrise and every sunset, often leaving me breathless with the amazing colors of the nature, but environment in my opinion and in the one of many others spinner, marine environment is always less beautiful and poorer of fish

There are situations that, in different contexts, can be experienced differently. In a way it’s like the theory of relativity where everything changes when viewed from another perspective! There are objective contexts but the interpretation given by each one of us can make them assume that thickness, that history, those feelings, making the experience unique

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“Dorados of Lanzarote” by Femès Elvira

giovedì, 16 ottobre 2014 by

As many know, Dorado is a pelagic fish that in some periods approaches the Canary Islands coasts for breeding. Powerful, fast, beautiful, spectacular acrobats during fight … these are just some of the adjectives that make it by far the best opponent with which an angler can measured himself in the Canaries. Powerful equipment and

What a miserable season this is; continuous rains, storms throughout the winter and spring. The hope that the summer was harbinger of hot weather and catches has been lost as the perturbations followed one another, one after the other, month after month. Only decent few short period of time, had to cross with the demands

“Emotions of August” by Antonio Crasà.

giovedì, 16 ottobre 2014 by

Summer is over a few days, for many spinner was the off-season before sharpening the anchor in this “hot” autumn. Actually if you would have wanted to make four launches, the alternative to chaos, warm and odd hours… good spots could have been found .. !! I had the chance to do some fishing trips

I continue this report which brought me luck. … Here we go again after almost a year since the last big leers … I begin to probe the spot but nothing. Then a nice mistral wind comes and I think it will be great for leers! As usual I go at lunchtime and when I

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Saturday, November 3th at 11.00 or so, I go alone in a spot where usually sea bass hang out at. As soon as I arrived, I realized that the sea was not good at all  for sea bass . Despite the sea dead calm I decide to change tackle and  start probing the sea in

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