“When you least expect it” by Alessandro Bagnoli

by / giovedì, 16 luglio 2015 / Published in Report

Friday afternoon, during a long and hard day at work, I get a call from Emanuele, a dear friend, who tries in every way to convince me to go out at night. A little desire to get away from work and a little lack of fish caught in recent periods convince me to go out, because since the beginning of the beginning of the year fishing trips have been very rare and unsuccessful. We meet at eleven o’clock, the evening has all the requirements to be a night of good ones: tide at the peak at midnight, but without current along the sea, rain and clouds a bit ‘everywhere.

The sea is clear only a little sand in suspension and in front we have a nice straight downhill until you get on a step at a couple of meters from the shore with the seabed depth increasing. There are many patches of sea grass mixed with small rocks. Our intention was to probe the area to the shallow water in search of sea bass in the holes or between the sea grass also the highest in the depths around the reefs. We fish from a vantage point of a small pier in masonry. We start with small bait and we probe the surface below the water surface and even more in depth with soft and long jerk bait to maximum 115 mm. Some small sea basses come out. The whole max half a kg but the big bass do not seem to cooperate. Behind us a lamppost lights in the distance in the water only a meter depth and Emanuele watching the water said to me: “but what is it ????” A shadow moves … looks like a diamond … but disappears. Let’s try. Continuous fighting the area with all the lures in my box until something comes to mind: the good Paolo Germani and his Pendolino Rig System.At first launch I run, almost rubbing, only the ballast on the bottom holding the persuader flat on the bottom … but nothing happens … the second launch the recovery instead making it do small hops. No time to make a meter … strike !! The blow is strong, and the noise starts immediately. Fortunately the fight is all on the surface otherwise I would have some problems. The Edge ½ behaves very well even if the fish is quite nice and the fight does not last long because the strike is a few feet from me. The turbot is now among the placid small rocks under the pier. Emanuele goes down and takes my “child” in his hands… “hell” is bigger than it seemed. I cry, laugh, swear and yelled, I seem haunted, immense joy comes over me. Finally the light after a dark period “in fisherman language”. I express all the joy by hugging my fishing buddy. I’m in seventh heaven. It is 11 lbs, 5kg precise … beautiful … beautiful fish the night photos do not do the full beauty of this fish.



And this is my expression, the one of a crazy man, for all the joy that I had and I still have all over me ..


Thanks Paolo and thanks to the sea for giving me this gem to add my catches collection.


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