“Who jerks finds (part 2)” by Omar Bucci

by / giovedì, 16 ottobre 2014 / Published in Report

I continue this report which brought me luck. …

Here we go again after almost a year since the last big leers … I begin to probe the spot but nothing. Then a nice mistral wind comes and I think it will be great for leers! As usual I go at lunchtime and when I see the spot I think to myself, today is fucking perfect. I park the car … I take everything I need … I try a Pro q, a Ketc and then Mommotti 190 BRZ. After the second launch, I feel beautiful and powerful head bow that ends in a nanosecond … Inside me mixed feelings; sorrow for having lost one but lots and lots of joy because I know there is something big around … I insist jerking as much as I can, when suddenly boooom, the Labrax bends, I hook and I hear the magic sound of the reel that goes hell-for-leather., I enjoy to the full the Labrax  fold and after the first start It begins to slow down and comes towards me. Now it is time to leave the cliffs to bring it ashore.

But it doesn’t want to know.First it gets to the right, then to the left. I get down from the cliff. I stay on the left side try to push it as much as possible but suddenly it flips and ends under the rocks. … without thinking much I run back to the cliff and I notice the unpleasant unexpected … the braid is twisted to the rocks and she is exhausted between two rocks .. I try with the “boga” but the waves do not allow me to get closer. Reluctantly I take the grappling hook and I pull it out.


I call my (real) friends and I tell them about the capture and invite them to join me as soon as possible in the first place thinking that if I had not been alone it would have been an excellent c&r … and then it was certainly not alone!
I rest about ten minutes but even if my arm is sore I have go on … I start to jerk again but after a few launches the pain is too much so, I change putting a popper (tiring the same) but at least  easier … The Labrax answers very well with the popper … and a little later while I am watching it swim she appears with all its splendor, the water splits, adrenaline rises. After 4.5 mt of pursuit  suddenly I speed up the recovery, she snaps, opens her mouth and without thinking twice, grabs the popper and leaves like a rocket.


I fight it a bit …and go down from the cliffs where I am approached by a gentleman. I give him my cell phone previously set to video.. while recording  also Axl79 rushes to reach the shore. In the meantime, I pull it out.



I thank the gentleman that is filming, I release the fish.

I take it a bit of insults from the kind gentleman who does not agree on  releasing  fish.. ahahaha … and after I recover from the second capture I go  back in the cliff occupied by my friend  Axl79 and Vincenzo who follows a beautiful chase that turns into nothing. After a short, Axl79 also see a small a double chase. I was exhausted but the desire to continue is too much. I get back to cast and after a while, here we go again with the popper and a  double chase … . But this time I slow down suddenly and then  I start as a  rocket so one goes away while  the other one dashes  with its mouth open … a decided hook and the first fight starts.




Shortly after both exhausted I pull it out, unhook and release it quick …


This day is fantastic I am knocked out but it is the knockout that I have dreamed for more than a year.

I thank Alessandro (axl79), Emiliano (emilianoch) who once again proved to be true friends stopping fishing to take pictures and video helping in the C & R.

The equipment used for this fishing trip is:

Rod: labrax
Reel: Shimano Stella 5000 SW
braid 0.30
and Seaguar Fluorocarbon

lure: Mommotti 190 BRZ, Halco Popper

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