Seapsin brand philosophy, goals, mission

Our product are developed for the angler’s necessity to have the right equipment for each individual environment and fishing conditions. Hence the creation of specialized products designed to give concrete answers to the questions and needs of spinning fans anglers around the world who dream of a better quality in their fishing experiences. This awareness is not to be considered of secondary importance as it gives a real satisfaction to the angler who in this way believes more in the bait he uses. this is a very important factor because it induces a higher concentration during the fishing action and in the end guarantees superior results in terms of catches.
This is the key to the great success that the brand has achieved in no time thanks to the great quantity of catches that is giving anglers from all latitudes. Seaspin products, always propose something new and innovative, as they have been designed in Italy thanks to the experience and competence of our engineers that work closely to specific tests to optimize each model.
From the initial idea, from the first sketches, to CAD drawings, to the first prototypes, molds to the achievement with numerical control machines with the latest technology and high precision during manual steps of painting, assembling and controlling in many tests, changes and optimizations. All this is accomplished in about a year and a half of work for each model.
A period this of exaltation, of improvement, continuous checks and catches quality to give a product of great value in the name of creativity, design, style, Italian excellence that has always been recognized in the world.

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