Spinning at sea in Italy began having a strong development in the early years of the new millennium. The simultaneous extension in Mediterranean Sea of some species such as barracuda, bluefish, dorado ,with the development of computer network and the creation of forums blogs later, triggered a great shared experience of fishing that in a very short time brought a strong market development in sea spinning that starting from Sardinia, it immediately developed also outside the Italian borders. With no doubt, at the heart of this phenomenon we can put together passion for fishing with a group of friends, collaborators and the entire community of the most important Italian Sea Spinning forum: Seaspin. From this experience, in 2010 the brand Seaspin was created and in no time became a huge success because its products represents the shared solution of expert anglers to all real problems in the field.
Since then Seaspin has always been the most important reference for sea spinning in Italy, continuing to be in time the acknowledged centre of attraction for the fans and for the best practitioners of this technique, which often collaborate with the brand.
The first and the only ones in our sector, together with the National Association of Recreational Fishermen Alliance, to have undertaken, starting from January 2019, a “Seaspin campaign for environmental awareness against dumping any type of plastic waste at sea”.
Seaspin means experience, professionalism, quality, innovation, talent but also Italian culture, commitment to the environment, catch & release, although not complete, and the implementation of a fishing ethics that seeks always to the quality of sports time rather than the quality of the catch; in one word, Passion.

Passion is life.

Welcome in the World of Seaspin

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