Beaver Tail

  • Soft scented swim bait – weight: 7.35 g – length: 9.5 cm
  • When rigged with Flashook (offset wide gap hook, leaded 3/16 oz, size 4/0 for swim bait and underspin, all resistant to saltwater corrosion) weighs approximately 14.50 g.
  • Innovative downward-pointing tail to slow vibration and make swimming more natural.
  • Can also be rigged with leaded hooks in the belly and jig heads.
  • It comes in two different packages: five shads or three shads (in the three-pack of shads, one of the three is already rigged with Flashook).


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The Beaver Tail, as the name ‘beaver tail’ indicates, is a soft swim bait, characterised by an unmistakable flat tail pointing downwards, bound by a reinforced attachment and designed to slow down the vibration during linear swimming and make swimming more natural. To a variable retrieve action the Beaver Tail adapts the square-pan tail waggle to suit multiple retrieves. It has a mix of flavoured scents created so that the fish could hold it in its mouth for a longer period of time.
The body of the Beaver Tail features side flaps with the dual function of increasing the vibrations emitted and retaining any added external scent.
The Beaver Tail comes with a 3/16 oz, leaded 3/16 oz, size 4/0 wide gap offset hook for swim baits, fitted with an under spin with a willow leaf blade called a Flashook, custom balanced to give maximum efficiency in variable retrieves. The underspin can be moved along the hook shank from its original position, as required, in forward or backward mode.
In order to safeguard the bait, the supplied hook is equipped with a spring, which aids the multiple replacement of the Beaver Tail without spoiling the fit.
The Beaver Tail shad complete with hook weighs approx. 14.50 g. Bait alone weighs about 7.35 g and is about 9.5 cm long. It can also be rigged with leaded hooks in the belly and jig heads.
The Beaver Tail is perfect for those situations where the exposed hook risks picking up suspended algae and dirt. It is suitable for all linear and non-linear retrieves. In the search for the most selective seabass, it guarantees an extremely natural approach. It allows it to be managed in those situations where casting precision is required and the possibility of placing the lure in contact with the obstacle. It offers the enormous anti-stranding advantage due to the type of weave typical of freshwater fishermen but is armed with a chrome-plated hook that offers greater resistance to saltwater corrosion than classic black nickel hooks. Available in four different Seaspin colours, but the Geko colours have also proved very successful for seabass.



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