• Gàmu are round hooks resistant to marine corrosion.
  • Made in three different sizes: #1 (6 pcs pack), #1/0 (6 pcs pack), #2/0 (6 pcs pack).
  • Suitable to be mounted on lures by virtue of the eyelet in line with the stem
  • Marketed with a special split ring.
  • Hold of the hooks in the three different sizes: #1 (30 lbs), #1/0 (50 lbs), #2/0 (50 lbs)


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OFFset hooks built with Japanese quality steels-
Made in two different sizes: 3/0 (6 pcs pack) and 4/0 (5 pcs pack).
Coated with a light layer of nickel and tin alloy which makes them resistant to marine corrosion.
Specially made to withstand even large fish.
Can also be used for the Pendolino Rig System.

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1, 1/0, 2/0

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