Janas 107 Laguna

It is different!!

  • Pencil bait lipless floating.
  • ABS Body – Length: 4” – Weight: 3/4 oz. Depth range: 0.2’
  • Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X strong, n°2 #4.
  • Swim wagging just below the surface with pauses to regain the surface.
  • Specially designed for seabass fishing in lagoon and coastal environments, but good for all Mediterranean predators.


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Janas 107 Laguna is one of the very few floating pencil baits of this size on the market. The almost vertical position when stationary, with the front end out of the water, allows a rhythmic recovery made of soft and more or less long jerks, in which the bait plunges its head swimming with a large roll just below the surface of water, and stop, during which time, the bait must be given time to regain the surface. Often it becomes decisive to alternate the rhythmic retrieves with sharp and short jerks, which cause a violent immersion of the head of the bait causing a lot of noise and vibrations.
Janas 107 Laguna was born for seabass fishing, to solve situations in which the classic surface lures are not very effective, such as shallow and calm waters, with little current.
In spite of its name, however, and thanks to its characteristics and to the arrangement of the weights that allow an important range, it has also proved to be very interesting for pelagic fishing such as bluefish, leers and dolphin fish.
The standard equipment includes the use of two reinforced 3X #4 treble hooks, but single hooks can also be used, Gàmu 1/0 in the tail and Gàmu 2/0 in the belly.
It was born from an idea and the experience of two well-known seabass fishermen of the Seaspin staff: Sabele Fiorot and Gianfranco Bidut.

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