Labrax AIR

Perfect for sea bass fishing with soft baits

  • one-piece rod 6’8”, lures weight 3/16 – 5/8 oz. Total weight about 100 gr.
  • Design to manage all those light lures increasingly used also in spinning at sea.

  • Perfect for sea bass fishing with soft baits.

  • Made with fine Japanese graphite and Fuji components.

  • Constant monitoring of the bait.


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Born for lovers of technique, precision, sensitivity and control. One piece 3/16 – 5/8oz , 6’8” length, design to manage all those light lures increasingly used also in spinning at sea.

A new generation rod that can no longer be given up during fishing trips where the fish has strong apathy and needs to be stimulated with small prey. This rod evolves by hybridizing original techniques from black bass fishing, which during the tests proved to be perfect for soft bait sea bass fishing, especially in the lagoon environment, mouths, port areas and similar.

From the boat it is very versatile and perfectly at ease in controlling the lure: the fact that it is so compact in just 6’8” has allowed to manage different retrieves without too many impediments due to the excessive length of the rods of classical conception.

It has been developed to manage various types of baits: it offers the possibility of using successfully both lead-free soft baits and small heads, various wtd sizes, jerk baits, and even small stick baits.

Despite its light, the Labrax Air can handle important fights without fearing any confrontation.

The high modulus carbon fiber blank is made from a mix of Toraica and Mitsubishi materials. The blank is in fact made from “sheets” rolled up on the latest generation “mandrel”, which allow the use of materials up to 46 tons, all while maintaining stability and strength without losing sensitivity.

All the blanks selected in the factory are then finished with Fuji Japan components of the highest quality.

The rod offers a sensitivity never seen before and a lightness that will make you forget that you are involved in sea fishing.

With LABRAX AIR you will have constant control of the bait that can be managed like never before.

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