Labrax XX

For heavy spinning but also for inshore

  • Offset rod total lenght 7’6”: the rod consists of a “blank” that joins the handle with a precise off-set joint

  • Lures weight ½ oz. – 2 ¼ oz; Action: Fast; Power: Heavy; Line Weight : 15-30 Lb.
  • Maximum strength, full handling and manageability of the bait

  • Recommended from boat on feeding frenzies and for inshore research, while from land as well as for classic heavy spinning, also for shore jigging with metal jig up to 80 g.

  • Made with fine Japanese graphite and finished with Fuji Japan components of the highest quality.


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The Labrax XX has been designed and conceived to support its younger sister Labrax and manage even larger fish with heavier lures.

the rod consists of a “blank” that joins the handle with a precise off-set coupling, a feature that enhances the qualities of sensitivity and strength.

The components include eight Fuji “K” series rings with a “gunsmoke” finish steel frame and SIC stone, starting from a 30 diameter 3 leg loop, reducing the others to 2 legs , closing the series with a size # 8 tip.

The mixed pattern guarantees maximum strength where the rod is more subject to shocks and stresses and gives the system full handling and manageability of the lure.

The well-finished handle is made up of E.V.A. high density and from the Fuji “Deluxe” series number 18 plate with safety lock nut to ensure a stable and safe tightening.

The sober and refined style that distinguishes the Seaspin rods is also found on this model with a “natural graphite” finish and black ligatures edged with Red and Silver metallic thread to recall the red logo of the XX.

The rod, sensitive, reactive, powerful and precise, has a wide and progressive curve suitable for safely managing and taming large marine predators both from land and from the boat.

The stability of the rear part is astonishing which, subjected to maximum effort, remains very high and stable, providing maximum support to counter the outbursts of large fish and thus resulting in no way demanding from a physical point of view.

It is able to cast really “long” lures of various weights and densities.

Because of its versatility we recommend the Labrax XX for boat fishing on bonito, bluefish, dolphing fish but also for the inshore search of leers, dentex, barracuda and amberjack of medium size with the use of lures up to about 65 grams.

From the ground, in addition to the applications of classic spinning, with long jerk, popper and w.t.d., it has also proved excellent as a shore jigging rod with metal jig up to 80 grams in weight.

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