Mommotti 180 SS

The long jerk, which in no time, has become a myth…

  • Long Jerk minnow, slow sinking.
  • ABS Body – Length: 7” – Weight: 1 oz. Depth range: 2’-3’.
  • Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X strong – n°3 #4. Moving inner weights for long casting.
  • The reference lure in the world of long jerk.
  • Sinuous and irresistible swimming with flash and maximum jerking control.
  • Essential for capturing a large number of both marine and freshwater predators.


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Mommotti 180 SS is a saltwater jerk, slow sinking that in a very short time it has gained a great consensus among European anglers. In Mommotti 180 SS sinking version, the designers attention has been focused on four different points: the placement of the internal weights to increase even further the already long cast, the slight thickening of its lip as additional protection against accidental breakage, a thickening of the final septum of the channel of the dynamic inner weights and the use of reinforced 3X treble hooks. Typical action of the lure in death fall is a light roll that is particularly attracting with sea bass and barracuda.
It is designed to ensure long cast in the most difficult weather and sea conditions and a great stability even in the presence of lateral currents, ensuring however, at the same time, a refined lightness in swimming, both in linear retrieve and jerking action, which makes it very stable even in presence of currents and it is fatal even for apathetic predators. It is a basic lure that due to its effectiveness has become the reference in the world of marine long jerks, to the point that in Italy all lures of this type are identified with the name Mommotti. The choice of the inner armour forced us to a particular design effort in the distribution of internal tungsten weights with a constant attention to the perfection of the swimming action.
The research led to create a slight ventral bend giving the lure extra instability in swimming. Suitable for all predators such as sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, leer fish, dolphin fish, amberjack, sea bream and tuna species. Mommotti 180 SS is soft and sinuous in linear retrieval and more disordered during jerking, in which issues particularly captivating glows. It is very effective in all types of retrieve.

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