and the bait comes to life …

  • Soft bait silicone in the shape of a pot-bellied forage fish with tail paddle to increase vibrations.
  • Silicone body – length: 120 mm – Weight: 7,5 g – packs of 6 pz
  • It is lighter than the other two versions of Persuader and therefore more sensitive and reactive. It is equipped with two air chambers, one of which can be used to add material soaked in scent or rattling to vary the balance…
  • The most suitable for night fishing sea bass at the mouth.
  • Soft and resistant, born as one of the components of the Pendolino Rig System but can also be used with no weight just with a classic texas rig .


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Persuader is the lightest soft bait of the series and therefore the most reactive. Designed to look like a little fish that eats on the bottom and not only. It consists of two distinct parts: the first is more compact but contains two empty spaces inside, the largest of which is needed basically for the balance, while the second may contain specific rattlers or other; the second part ,basically composed of the tail, is thinner and mobile to react to every movement of the angler or of the water.
It is one of the fundamental components of The Pendolino Rig System. It is a real innovative technique, that allows you to fully customize the silicone bait look more natural than natural. . Extremely versatile, consisting of soft bait, weights and hooks, specially designed by Paolo Germani in years of experience, catches and hits. It allows us to change the way of thinking, fishing, moving the rod and the reel’s crank handle, allowing us to manage the “life” of the lure in complete autonomy. Its main features are: resistance to sticking points, variable ballasting system and movement, vitality and maximum maneuverability of the it, with the same possibility to probe with the lure any water layer while maintaining mobility and capturing power both in sinking and back up using impeccably taking advantage of currents and obstacles, maximum control of vibration and sounds, clicks and movements. Fishing this way we learn to “knock” on fish’ house looking for it in places and situations considered until now difficult or impossible, by minimizing invasiveness and the disturbance the lure can cause to suspicious fish and at the same way, simply and effectively, be irritating and intrusive when situations require it. Fully understand this technique will allow us to deal, with simplicity and strength, most of predators in both freshwater and seawater, from bass to pike, from perch to catfish, from sea bass to snapper and tuna. In addition to Pendolino Persuader can be used with any weights, in suspension, sinking, and in contact with the bottom, even in still waters.

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