Saltwater Seaspin bag


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Taking our cue from the adjustable shoulder bags, sling bags, which in recent years have proved to be more functional for spinning, we have created the ideal bag for the saltwater anglers, paying particular attention to both the resistance of the materials used and their functionality. This is because the needs and requirements of those who practice spinning in saltwater are different from those of fishermen who mainly operate in fresh water. Just to give an example, often at sea you have to move quickly to avoid the incoming waves and it is important, especially in those circumstances, not to have to worry about the stability of your equipment and always have it easily at hand.

These are the main features of the Saltwater Seaspin Bag:

  • Zips resistant to marine corrosion and oversized for greater smoothness even in the case of grains of sand that would block their use.
  • Ergonomic and wider housing to hold pliers of a size suitable for marine use.
  • More internal pockets

  • Ergonomics of the external pockets designed for greater functionality in fishing. Among these we point out the housing for a pliers (not included) equipped with an elastic spring, which allows angler to have the accessory at hand exactly when needed, without the need for useless searches that dangerously divert attention in the excited moments of the capture.
  • Complete stability of both lure boxes contained in the main compartments of the bag. In practice, both boxes are equipped with Velcro that binds them to the bag to ensure perfect adherence with the bag in any circumstance and to prevent accidental fall into the water with the consequent loss of many lures.

  • Creation of a “modular system” consisting of interchangeable boxes with twenty-four customizable compartments, already equipped with Velcro, which allow the angler to carry only what he needs for the chosen spot or for the fish he has decided to undermine, without the need to integrate or replace from time to time the lures in the boxes of the bag.

The external dimension of the main bag’s compartment, which can be opened with saltwater zip to create a comfortable work surface, is approximately 31 cm at the base, 22 cm high, 13 cm deep and contains two boxes with customizable compartments of 27.5 cm x 18 cm x 4.5 cm, capable of accommodating lures of 26 cm in length!

A bag that will accompany your fishing adventures for a long time.

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