Seaspin tackle box

  • box size: 10.82 x 7.10 x H. 1.78 in
  • equipped with twenty-four customizable compartments that can accommodate, for example,
    Mommotti 190 and lures up to 10.23 in
    possibility of choosing them with or without Velcro
  • possibility of creating a “modular system” consisting of boxes that are interchangeable for the
    Saltwater Seaspin Box
  • Seaspin logo on the lid of the box


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Storage tackle box that can be used both in the Saltwater Seaspin Box and in any different circumstances.
Complete stability of both tackle boxes once contained in the main compartments of the Saltwater Seaspin Box. In practice, Velcro binds them to the bag to ensure a perfect fit under all circumstances and prevent accidental falling into the water resulting in the loss of the lures.
Creation of a "modular system" consisting of interchangeable boxes at customizable from 4 to twenty-four compartments , already equipped with Velcro, which allow the angler to carry only what he needs for the chosen spot or for the fish he has decided to chase, without the need to integrate or replace from time to time the lures in the boxes of the bag.
The lures in the picture are not included in the sale.

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