Squirty 3.0

“… like a sudden downpour of rain on the village”

  • ABS hull structure
  • Quality fabric with medium-fine texture and iridescent filaments
  • Internal rattling system and stainless steel baskets
  • sinking speed of about 3 – 3.5 seconds per meter
  • 45 ° sinking attitude


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Squirty is an eging lure that officially sanctions the entry of the Seaspin brand into the eging market.
Also for this product the Seaspin philosophy remains unchanged; form at the service of function, to offer a product of substance, born from the experience of Italian anglers to deal with local fishing environments and cephalopods.
Squirty is an eging lure characterized by a classic design with clean lines, with attention to the smallest details; the entire structure has been designed and shaped to achieve excellent casting distance, a slow and sinuous sinking and a reactive response to jerks.
From the silhouette of Squirty, the angler immediately notices a very slender head, able to better cleave the water both in the descent and in the ascent phase in response to the jerks; the wide back offers such a lift as to guarantee, in contrast to the ballast, an excellent balance in all the phases that are articulated during the fishing action. the work is completed by two lateral ventral depressions which in the descent phase give Squirty an enticing wobbling. In the back there is a double system of stainless steel baskets which, in addition to contributing to its perfect stability, allows a secure grip even in the case of large cephalopods.
Squirty 3.0 has a “normal” sinking that allows it to be used in multiple situations, it is equipped with rattling to increase its catching power, and is comfortable with long jerks that produce a vertical ascent movement accompanied by side skids. very attractive, followed by an extremely natural descent to the bottom. Alternatively Squirty can also be animated with frenetic and rhythmic short jerks, which give it an absolutely new and particular swimming.
Squirty is an eging lure that will allow you to solve the most difficult situations and is produced both in “replicating” colors, which are inspired by nature, and in “xenomorph” colors that have non-imitative characteristics.
Squirty 3.0, is an eging lure size 3.0, weighing 14.7g with a sinking speed of about 3 – 3.5 seconds per meter.

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