Toto 113

Call it “Totino”

  • Popper, very long and precise casting .
  • ABS Body – Length: 4.5” – Weight: 4/5 oz.
  • Inner armor and treble hooks super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X, n°2 #4.
  • Characterized by a transverse through hole that creates 4 specific actions (see “The Hole”)
  • Creates and Impressive bubbles tube and allows a wide range of retrieves.


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TOTO 113 is a popper basically dedicated to medium-sized fish such as seabass, dolphin, barracuda, amberjack, leer and bluefish.
It has characterized by the transverse through hole, present in the rear part of the body, and by the two asymmetrical flaring sides. We call it “The Hole”, and if you are interested, we suggest you to read the specification sheet.
TOTO 113 is mostly a “swimmer” popper that automatically enters and leaves the water during the retrieve action without the need for any special action with the rod by the angler. Retrieved linearly, or alternated with short or long jerks, it creates an underwater tube of really important bubbles, and a characteristic “thrill” that enters into vibration independently at regular intervals. Perfect even with popping and walking the dog action. Design registered.
The Hole
For years the design section of Seaspin brand, sought to design a model that would satisfy the high standards required by the brand and differed from the classical form of the “swimmer” poppers.”
None of the various models considered, however, had the same quality of innovation, swimming peculiarity and efficiency of catches which showed Toto.
With the realization of this lure, because of its aesthetic singularity, but above all what technically represents, rises a lot the bar of the latest generation design regarding hard baits. In this case, the design studio leaves the natural pattern of color imitations or the like to the real, to go looking for new profiles and surfaces that are functional to the movement that you want the lure to have in water.What is, therefore, all this innovation about? The use of a simple shape but which involved more than two years of studies and tests to be placed correctly and ensure that while swimming creates complex forces that cause surprising actions: a hole.To properly design the surfaces, particularly in the area around the hole, let’s call it “the hole chamber,” we decided to use programs for structural mechanics and fluid dynamics that offered us the opportunity to simulate various configurations for the structural behavior of the lure.Surely we are not the first ones to put an empty space inside a lure, but we wanted to use the surfaces that form it to obtain different specific actions, while swimming, making it hardly comparable with any other commercially. The two asymmetrical flaring sides are used, in fact, to convey a greater quantity of water into the hole of the chamber to obtain four distinct results:
1) A pressure on curved surfaces that form the rear part of the chamber of the hole, causes lateral displacements that increase the wag of the lure.
2) A strong turbulence both within the complex system of “hole chamber” and outside thanks to the sharp edges that the latter forms with the outer surface of the lure. Thanks to this turbulence the lures creates a tube of bubbles that disperses in water, decidedly superior to the one formed by the “usual” popper.
3) A rear brake is the arrest when the angler stops retrieving.
4) A greater control of the lure also in sub walking action.

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