Triangle Snap

  • Asymmetrical snap-hook designed specifically for the Pendolino Rig System.
  • One size – pack of 6 pcs
  • Has a triple angle that blocks the lead and the hook in two different specific places, and acts as a trigger and movement amplifier.
  • Always keep the lure, and therefore the hook, always in perfect position by optimizing swimming, the anti-grounding and the “noises”.
  • But minimizes errors in the hooking phase.


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Triangle snap is not just a snap-hook.
Its triple angle favours the correct positioning of the ballast / hook under traction and thanks to the same angle the lead and the lure under traction move in jerks, accentuating the noise / movement effect.
Using the Triangle snap, the lead, “movement ballast”, is fixed inside the clip together with the hook, thus always remaining in position and making perfect use of its directional power and its “striking contact” with both the hook and the silicone. This solution is recommended in most situations but I consider it absolutely essential when it is necessary to animate the lure in mid-water or on the surface. Furthermore, it is possible to pass practically unscathed through the most dangerous obstacles, branches and weeds, but also cliffs and rocks.
The Triangle snap has the peculiarity of always keeping the lure and therefore the hook always in perfect position, thus optimizing not only swimming, anti-grounding and “noises” but minimizing errors during the hooking phase.
even at very long times distance.

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