EJA 100

Reactivity and Control

  • Jerk minnow slow floating.
  • ABS structure – Length: 100 mm – Weight: 10 g. Swimming depth: 30-90 cm.
  • Inner armor and 2x n. 3 # 8 treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant
  • Valid for a large number of marine and freshwater predators, but is particularly dedicated to sea bass
  • Moving inner weights for long casting


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Eja 100 was born in the footsteps of its older brothers, Eja 130 and Eja 130 Bullet, and of these it retains many technical characteristics. It, however, introduces new ones that make it particularly practical for bass fishing but it is equally suitable to undermine prey such as greenhouse, bonito, dorado, and all marine predators medium / small size. Also very valid in fresh water for black bass, chub, pike, trout, Mediterranean shad. Sea, mouth, river, streams, lakes, canals these are the environments where you can use it with great satisfaction.
Born as a “light” alternative, to be used in all salt and freshwater environments in those conditions where a smaller bait, if well used, can really make a difference in terms of catches.
It creates a pleasant vibration during retrieve and responds immediately to any request from anglers who never loses contact with the bait.
Excellent is the response to the jerk with small lateral skids and equally pleasant is its stall in the water when, once the retrieve is interrupted, it slowly begins its ascent towards the surface with a slight roll on its vertical axis. Designed to be used with medium-light components in saltwater, it obviously changes its state of light buoyancy if heavier links than those recommended are used, gradually becoming suspending and, as the weight of the components increases, slightly sinking in the sea and in fresh water. Without ever losing its effectiveness but rather favouring the many anglers who like to use suspending lures. It is recommended to use it with 10lb jacks and 14-16lb fluorocarbon. Designed by Ciro Aprea

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