EJA 130 SF

One man, one rod, ONE LURE

  • Jerk minnow slow floating.
  • ABS Body – Length: 5” – Weight: 4/5 oz. Depth range: 2.5’-4.3’
  • Inner armor and treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X, n°3 #6.
  • Good for many marine predators. Moving inner weights for long casting.
  • Always in fishing even from high spots. Skids more than 120 degrees during jerking. Perfect for trolling too.


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It is an absolute jerk bait that due to its great versatility is considered, as perhaps no other right now, the lure par excellence, which goes with great merit to occupy the place of honor in the famous triad ONE MAN, ONE ROD, ONE LURE that enhances the spinning.
It is the lure to always have in the box, whether you fish at sea and in fresh water, suitable for undermining prey such as seabass, bluefish, barracuda, amberjack, bonito and all medium size saltwater predators but also black bass, pike, trout, catfish.
Basically EJA 130 SF was born to be the winning card in the search for almost all predators.
During the casting, it is pleasantly stable and composed, being able to pierce the wind and reach considerable distances, often prohibitive for a lure 13 cm long.
During the fishing action, it is possible to perceive in the rod the vibrations produced by an extremely characteristic swimming, energetic and dynamic but at the same time pleasantly fluid.
Tested in different weather conditions and in all fishing environments, both at sea and in fresh water, EJA has proven itself able to swim perfectly even in the presence of strong currents and big waves, giving the angler the awareness of being always, I stress “Always”, under the right conditions to fish.
Effective on active retrieve, both linear and jerking, it is able to deviate from the linear trajectory of more than 120 degree. It is irresistible in the stop and go phases, thanks to a slight inclination of the head downwards accompanied by a delicate but evident rolling.
Retrieved from both waterfront and high cliffs or harbor docks, it allows the angler to personalize always its swim.
Eja 130 SF is also effective at a wide range of speeds, retaining its features both slowly retrieved and at full speed, offering for this reason also a product of great interest for trolling.
Designed by Ciro Aprea

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